Cap Corse Croisiere

A local company on a human scale

Founded in 2018, Cap Corse Croisière is the first shipping company to make you discover Cap Corse and the italian island of Capraia from the city of Bastia.

Your Captain

Axel, knows the Cap Corse region well since he grew up and lives in Bastia. 

After training as a 200 captain at the Lycée Maritime de Bastia in 2010, he left his native island for the Côte d'Azur where he worked in the yachting industry for several years.

In 2014 he returns to Corsica where he starts a training of chief mechanic and works for companies of walks in sea on Saint Florent and Porto Vecchio.

In 2018, he launched his own company in his hometown to share the treasures of his region with visitors.

'Passionate about the sea and my region, I would make you discover Cap Corse through stories combining anecdotes and historical keys in a friendly atmosphere. '


In order to guarantee you safe sea walks, the captain holds all the merchant marine certificates necessary for the maritime and coastal transport of passengers.

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Quai du 1er Bataillon de Choc Vieux Port de Bastia

20200 Bastia

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