Cap Corse Croisière

Visit Cap Corse by boat

A unique sea walk from the Old Port of Bastia to admire the east coast of Cap Corse, its navies, its Genoese towers, its vineyards by the sea and its remarkable spaces composed of valleys, mountains, beaches and islets.

With a 12 passengers boat, the company Cap Corse Croisiere favours conviviality and sharing on board, distinguishing itself from the usual tourist boats over-frequented.
Departure of sea walks and information on the quay of the 1st Choc Battalion on the Old Port of Bastia.

From the citadel of Bastia to the island of the Giraglia, from Erbalunga to Cape Sagro, from Porticciolo to the Finocchiarola Islands, from the bay of Santa Maria to the bay of Agnellu, Cap Corse will no longer have any secrets for you thanks to the explanations of your captain!

GPS: 42.696088, 9.451817 (42°41'45.9'N 9°27'06.5'E)
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Visit Cap Corse by boat

Erbalunga Porticciolo Iles Finocchiarole

Baie de Sainte Marie Ile de la Giraglia
The Great Tour
Tarif: 60 €
The Great Tour

Want to know everything about the Cap Corse? Check out le Grand Tour!

Durée: 4h0
Discovery Tour
Tarif: 28 €
Discovery Tour

The ideal tour for the entire family!

Durée: 1h30

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Quai du 1er Bataillon de Choc

20200 Bastia

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