Cap Corse Croisière

Our General Conditions and Terms of Sale Cap Corse Crosiere Company

Article 1: Reservations

It is preferable to book as soon as possible, given the limited number of places on board the vessel and the tributary traffic, especially in the open season.

Any specific health condition must be reported at the time of booking as set out in section 6-2

Pregnant women and persons with a disability, physical or health condition are required to report this at the time of booking.

The Company accepts reservations online via its website, or directly at our desk.
Any booking must be paid.

In any event, the customer will be obliged to make the settlement of his ticket following this booking under the conditions referred to in Article 4 of this Agreement.

Underage children are admitted (4 years old minimum)on board only if accompanied and under the responsibility of their parents.

Article 2: Excursion schedules, circuits and rates

The company offers its passengers, several routes during the day, at different rates.

Timing and sea tours are defined by the company Altu Mare-Cap Corse Croisiere.

The website as well as the leaflets, billboards and posters published by the company Altu Mare-Cap Corse Croisiere and presenting the tours of the excursions do not constitute a contractual document. The information is given for information purposes. Programs may be subject to change.

Changes to these schedules and tours may occur during the season depending on the weather, the temperature, the timetable for sunrise and sunset or the opening times of establishments that can accommodate passengers during the proposed excursions (port, restaurant, etc.).

Similar to timetables and circuits, rates may vary at any time depending on the elements or on economic conditions (overload, fuel, etc.) or changes in taxes (VAT, port and usage taxes).
Rates do not vary with visitation.

The prices of the services are inclusive of all taxes ( including VAT).

Passengers will know timetables, circuits and fares, when they are booked via the website or after contacting the Company for information.

However, the departure and arrival schedules announced at the time of booking may be advanced or delayed in the event of any difficulty encountered by the master of the vessel.
In addition, weather conditions may require the master of the vessel to modify the circuit of the originally planned excursion.

If this happens, the excursion rate will be adjusted.
In any event, passengers will be kept informed of any changes to schedules, fares or routes.

Under no circumstances can such an amendment justify the payment of any compensation to passengers

The carrier reserves the right, at the captain’s discretion and for reasons inherent to navigation, to make ports of call other than those provided for or to modify the initial route. It is permissible for the master to tow, rescue, divert, and perform all rescues and transshipments. Neither the Captain or the Company shall be liable for any diversions, modifications, service interruptions or delays in the departure and arrival of the ship, or for any coincidence in the arrival, departure or correspondence of ships and aircraft and trains.


Article 3: Cancellation

3.1-Cancellation by the Company

The company reserves the right to cancel an excursion, without notice or compensation, if the minimum passenger quota is not met (8 full-fare passengers), in the event of force majeure, accidental occurrence, bad weather, damage, malfunction of any kind, for safety reasons or any other legitimate reason.

Only the master of the vessel is entitled to judge whether or not the weather conditions permit the excursion to be carried out, always with the objective of allowing passengers to enjoy a visit under the best possible conditions.

If the departure of the vessel is prevented or delayed by any of these exceptional events, the company declines all liability for direct or indirect costs and damages to passengers.

The company undertakes to notify passengers as soon as it becomes aware of any difficulty altering or preventing the holding of the excursion.

The company will endeavour to propose an alternative to passengers and in particular, the postponement of the excursion, depending on the availability of the company, without them being able to claim any compensation, reimbursement or compensation.

In the absence of a proposed or accepted alternative, passengers will be able to claim the full refund of their tickets from the Company.

Reimbursements are made using the same method of payment as that used by the passenger when booking.

3.2- cancellation of the passenger

The passenger has the possibility to cancel his reservation for any reason and at any time.

However, he can only be reimbursed or exempted from paying his ticket if the cancellation is made at least 48 hours before the departure time of the excursion.

If not, the passenger will be required to pay his or her ticket in full and the Company will not be required to reimburse or compensate.

A fixed fee of five euros (5,00 € ) corresponding to the bank fees will be withheld in all cases.

3.3-Cancellation of Group

A group has the possibility to cancel its reservation for any reason and at any time.
However, he can only be reimbursed or exempted from payment of his ticket if the cancellation is made at least 96 hours before the departure time of the excursion.
If not, the group will be required to pay its freight fare in full and the Company will not be required to reimburse or compensate.


Article 4 : Payment Terms


Payment of the ticket is made at the time of booking.

The company accepts payment by e-transaction, credit card or cash.

The company no longer accepts payment by bank cheque or American Express.

Passengers can pay their ticket directly online at the company’s website or at the main ticket office on the Old Port of Bastia during the opening hours.
They can also pay their ticket when boarding by credit cards or cash.

 A valid email address (email) is required at the time of booking, for the receipt of your dematerialized ticket. The validity of the email address is the responsibility of the client.


Tickets are issued only for full payment.

The minimum amount accepted for a credit card transfer is €20.

Article 5 : Validity and inalienability of the titles

Tickets are valid for the current season.

They’re not transferable.

Article 6 : Boarding and Leaving

6.1- Terms for boarding

Passengers must arrive in front of the boarding area 20 minutes before departure, for those without a ticket, 10 minutes before departure for those with their dematerialized ticket.

No delays are accepted by the company.

In the event of a delay, even with a ticket, the passenger will have no appeal against the company if he cannot embark.

Passenger boarding and leaving takes place in the presence of the master, who directs his passengers and tells them how to get on and off.

Only passengers who have booked their seats and have a valid ticket are entitled to board.

The ticket must be kept in good condition by the passenger throughout the journey.
The company reserves the right to refuse to boarding a passenger or a group of passengers arriving for boarding without a booking or a ticket.

The Captain has, among other things, all competence to refuse boarding to anyone who is physically or mentally unfit for the excursion or to any person who has absorbed narcotics, hallucinogens, or alcohol that makes him or her dangerous to other passengers. In all of the above cases, the passenger will not have the right to avoid liability for damage to his or her own person, ship, property and equipment, third parties and third party property.

6.2-Health status of passengers

Any specific health condition must be reported at the time of booking.

In addition, any passenger with a disability, a proven medical condition, or physical conditions that are incompatible with the proposed excursion (pregnant woman, passenger with a back problem, person with reduced mobility or a high heart handicap, etc.) is required to report this to the company at the time of booking, as indicated in Article 1.


In the event of non-reporting at the time of booking, the Captain may deny boarding to passengers whose medical condition is not compatible with the excursion without requiring reimbursement or restitution of any kind from the passenger.

The captain is not required to board a passenger who would not have reported his medical or physical condition under these terms.
This passenger will still be required to pay his ticket and no reimbursement or compensation will be allowed.

In addition, if the captain determines that the passenger’s medical or physical condition that has been properly reported is incompatible with the excursion in view of the weather or sea conditions of the day, the captain is entitled to refuse the passenger’s boarding.
If necessary, the passenger will be reimbursed in full.


This type of boat is incompatible with the transport of people with reduced mobility or a heavy physical handicap. In the event of non-declaration at the time of booking, the Captain has, among other things, jurisdiction to deny boarding to passengers whose handicap is not compatible with the excursion, as defined in Article 6.2.

Bicycles, handles, even folded strollers, motorcycling equipment, or other onerous equipment are not allowed on board and cannot be boarded.


Article 7 : Safety Procedures and Responsibilities

The captain is the sole master on board his vessel and informs the passengers of the safety instructions to be followed.

Passengers are required to remain seated in their seats during navigation.

They will only be able to move aboard the vessel on the master’s clearance.

Cigarette, even electronic, is prohibited on board the ship.

Minors are permitted on board if they are accompanied by their parents and remain under their full supervision and responsibility.

Pets are not allowed on board.

In all cases, the passengers undertake to comply with the on board ship regulations established by the company Cap Corse Croisière, as well as to comply with the Captain’s orders.
In the event of an accident related to passenger non-compliance with the safety procedures, the Company shall not be held responsible for any damage that may occur.

Passengers are required to keep their personal items with them.
The company is not responsible for onboard objects, degradation of personal property and effects (jewelry, precious metals, papers and personal documents, sound or image reproduction devices, mobile phones and glasses). In the event of theft, loss or deterioration, no restitution, reimbursement or compensation will be made.


Article 8 : Swimming

The company Cap Corse Croisiere is not a diving or snorkelling club.

Nevertheless, she offers swimming breaks during its excursions.

The passengers give evidence to know how to swim.

The swimming will be carried out under the responsibility of the passengers.

The bathing is not compulsory.

The captain reserves the right to cancel a swimming break in view of the weather conditions.
In all cases, the passengers undertake to comply with the onboard ship’s regulations established by the company Cap Corse Croisière, as well as to comply with the Captain’s orders.


Article 9 : Stopovers

The Vessel is called upon to offer stopovers to its passengers during excursions.
The Company is not responsible for passengers and their belongings during these stops.
No bathing equipment loans are planned during these stopovers.
The Company shall not be concerned in the event of difficulty encountered by passengers in a trade or establishment at the port of call.
The captain advised the passengers of a schedule to stop and return to the vessel.
Passengers must arrive in front of the vessel 5 minutes before the master’s departure schedule.
No reimbursement or compensation shall be paid to a passenger who was unable to board due to delay.


Section 10 : Vessel Regulation

Cap Corse Croisiere’s ship is subject to the European regulations relating to the transport of passengers.


Navigational permit, certifying that the vessel complies with technical standards for the safety of passenger vessels (stability, buoyancy, strength, fire prevention and extinction, lifesaving appliances, etc.).


The captain has a certificate of competency Master 200GT and chief engineer 750Kw.
These certificates also require the possession of a First Aid Training Certificate, and a CGO Certificate (Radio Operator Certificate).


Each seafarer must undergo an annual medical check-up under a seafarer’s doctor supervision.
Special insurance covering all passengers.


Article 11: Groups, Convention and Privatization.

11.1- Terms

Booking for private service, or for a group, will only be effective after the customer accepts the estimate and after payment of a deposit equal to 30% of the total amount of the service.

Payment of the remaining amount will be made no later than before boarding.
In the event of cancellation on the part of the customer, the amount of the deposit remains due to the company and the customer will not be entitled to reimbursement or compensation.

In case of cancellation of the share of the company under the conditions described in article 3.1 the refund of the entire sum will be made to the client.


11.2-Groups and Convention

The preferential rates granted to the group, are granted for a number equal to at least 12 persons for The Great Tour and 12 persons for The Découverte Tour

The settlement of the amount shall be carried out in accordance with the procedures laid down in Article 11.1

For reimbursement apply the conditions of cancellation of the share of the company as defined in Article 3.1. as well as the conditions for cancellation on the part of the customer are defined in Article 3.3

Within the framework of an agreement or agreement established between the company Cap Corse Croisière and partners, their members or customers will be able to benefit from discounts granted by the company Cap Corse Croisière.

Upon boarding, passengers will be required to provide proof of stay or membership with one of our partners, in which case the amount of the ticket will be due to the rate in force in its entirety, without any recourse to the company Altu Mare-Cap Corse Croisière.

The establishment of an agreement cannot allow third parties and signatory bodies to substitute for the general terms of sale of Altu Mare-Cap Corse Croisière.


Article 12: Claims

Any claim against Cap Corse Croisière company must be made within 15 days of the date of the excursion, by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt at the head office of S.A.R.L. Altu Mare, Residence Pietra Rossa Bt A Chemin d'Uccini 20600 BASTIA.


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